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[Fanfic] To Learn Something New (ch 24)

Title: To Learn Something New
Author: Vianna Orchidia / Annasthacy Chashyme
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Series
Character: Lightning Farron, Hope Estheim
Rating: K+
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XIII is property of Square Enix. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: high-school AU, but read A/N below for more info

remember /re·mem·ber/ v to have or keep an image or idea in your mind of (something or someone from the past)

It was almost strange, if not downright ridiculous. You know, there was this slight pull at his heartstrings at the mere sight of the new student. She was pretty, yeah, especially that rare rose-blonde hair, but come on, Hope Estheim did not value girls based on their looks alone. He's sure he was different than the boys currently leering at her, but this nagging feeling deep inside his chest made him wonder, maybe he's not so different after all? Maybe he's also attracted to the pretty face and was experiencing a subtle sexual response?

“Hey, Hope,” Anthony, his seatmate, elbowed him on the rib. Hope cried out lowly in pain. “Watch the eyes, buddy. You're staring. She's gonna eat you alive like she did those guys there.”

Hope whipped his head to the aforementioned group of guys. Sure enough, the new student was giving them the meanest, iciest, scariest glare of the year that it sent the jocks teetering away from her immediate vicinity. Now that's something. Hope was sure no one would dare to as much as look at her anymore. Jab. Anthony shook his head. Ugh, maybe 'no one' did not include him necessarily. How embarrassing.

To make matter worse, the girl seemed to notice him staring this time.

The weird thing, she didn't give him a death glare—and for his part, the incessant tugs became stronger as he suddenly felt nostalgia. He didn't exactly remember per say, but he just knew this meeting was long overdue. This meeting was planned, was promised, since before he was born into this life. Maybe somewhere between life and death, between one lifetime and another.

A/N: To tell you the truth, the idea for this piece stemmed from a fanfic called "Love, Hope" by Advocaat. I hate crying so much each time I finish reading it so I made a selfish attempt envisioning how Hope and Lightning meet again in their next lives. I want a happy ending for the babies, thank you very much. But now I'm crying because I can't write as beautifully as Advocaat so yeah. I'm so sorry.

[Fanfic] To Learn Something New (ch 23)

Title: To Learn Something New
Author: Vianna Orchidia / Annasthacy Chashyme
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Series
Character: Lightning Farron, Hope Estheim
Rating: K
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XIII is property of Square Enix. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: set during the ending of LR.

understand /un·der·stand/ v to know the meaning of (something, such as the words that someone is saying or a language); to know how (something) works or happens; to know how (someone) thinks, feels, or behaves

The crystal shattered into waves of light, afloat and swimming into the lifestream. The group of saviors laughed and tried to follow the current with their eyes, mesmerized. It was when Mog turned his body and said sadly, “I'm going with them, Kupo,” that they broke out from the daze.

The eidolons, the trustworthy ally who had fought with them right until the end, materialized then. Hope was able to flash a smile to his big friend—one so full of gratitude and perhaps melancholy because he knew this meant farewell—as Alexander drifted further from his body. Each of the eidolons gave a curt nod to their respective master before dispersing into the lifestream as well. Suddenly there was an odd relief, a hollow space inside Hope's body, the place Alexander just left open. It's sad, but farewells were necessary for embracing the new world.

The last eidolon to vanish was Odin. The white knight spent more time to bow respectfully before Lightning. They were comrades, fighting arm in arm for a distinctly longer time after all, Hope thought. As Odin stepped back, Hope watched Lightning close her eyes in deep reminiscence. There were tears cascading her cheek, and he stared in wonder. This Lightning was not afraid to show her soft side, and for him, she looked a million times stronger than before. Something bursted in his chest—and then he saw Lightning turning to them, her eyes still glassy but her lips curled up into the slightest smile. She was so beautiful.

"It's time," she said. With gentle movement, she beckoned the others to her—which, of course, Snow responded by poking Serah forward first. They floated upwards, in a way that made the rest of the group believe that yes, they were finally going to the new world after years of endless battles. Sazh and Dajh, Yeul and Noel, Snow and Hope, and Fang and Vanille—they all followed the Farron sisters.

Hope was surprised, also a bit annoyed, when Snow also gave him a push while flashing a knowing grin before taking off himself. Hope couldn't deduce right then what that smirk meant. Only when he turned his head did he realize that while Serah was obviously reaching out for Snow, Lightning was opening her arms for him. So that's why Snow was grinning that much. Hope wanted to say some rebuttal to him but well, Lightning was waiting and there's not really any time left, so he decided to just ignore Snow and focused his eyes to the rose-haired savior.

She was smiling, ever so slightly, when Hope's hand touched hers. Somehow, if he were to describe her smile then, it was one of nostalgia. It made Hope choke back, his chest twisting in a lovely feeling of finally reuniting with the one he missed all these years, and he just needed to say something to find his sanity again.

Their surrounding was quickly dissipating into light particles. He knew he needed to be quick, before they too leave the old world. But he couldn't find his voice. It was like all feelings suddenly came back crashing to him, sweetly overwhelming his not-yet adult form. In his struggle, suddenly Lightning clenched his hands, not hard enough to hurt yet enough to halt the thousand gears running inside his brain. She flickered her eyes. Just like that, he calmed down instantly.

She understood.

And then, their souls were swept away, embracing the brand new world.

A/N: I have actually wrote something about this quite a while ago, and when I saw this prompt I just thought the idea would match well. But I didn't remember, like at all, where I put that scrap of paper from the while back so I had to start from a scratch. It was annoying, lol, so I got kinda held back. In the end I still think the (lost) original version is better! /sobs

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[Fanfic] To Learn Something New (ch 22)

Title: To Learn Something New
Author: Vianna Orchidia / Annasthacy Chashyme
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Series
Character: Lightning Farron, Hope Estheim
Rating: M
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XIII is property of Square Enix. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: Glorious smut ahead. Go back if you're underage.

chapter /chap·ter/ n one of the main sections of a book; a period of time that is very different from the period of time before it

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[Fanfic] To Learn Something New (ch 21)

Title: To Learn Something New
Author: Vianna Orchidia / Annasthacy Chashyme
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII Series
Character: Lightning Farron, Hope Estheim
Rating: K+
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XIII is property of Square Enix. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: soulmate!AU

letter /let·ter/ n a direct or personal written or printed message addressed to a person or organization

Hope Estheim never fancied himself as a supernatural believer—no, quite the opposite, he's a man of logics and answers and it was his job to decode the impossible into possible—but for this time, just this one time, he knew there would be no logical answer.

It started on one rainy afternoon, his apartment offering shelter and warmth after a field day at work (he would never, ever understand the higher-ups who insisted on doing a field day under pattering rain). Everything seemed normal—he unlocked the door, turned on the air conditioner, and peeled off his wet clothes. After a nice hot shower he went to the kitchen to set up a mug of steaming tea. Then, with the mug in hands, he sat down in the living room and got his laptop started.

That was when he spotted an envelope on top of a shelf.

It was weird. He was fairly sure there was nothing there that morning, when he went to work. With questions still racking his brain, Hope took the envelope and carefully opened it. The envelope itself was plain white, the kind you can buy at convenience stores, but the letter inside was a little different. The paper was gradient pink in color, and it had a faint scent of roses. The writing was ink black, shaped like it was done with an ancient pen rather than modern-day ballpoint. But more than anything, the message was what did Hope in.

She is near.

What? Who is near? And why is it important that she is near? Baffled, Hope slouched back on the couch with heavy breaths. Who in earth could have sent this message? How did they put it inside my apartment? When? What does this all mean? His mind's gears worked in full speed trying to decode this phenomenon, but as he listened to his own breath the solitude of his apartment, he found no answer. And like any other human being when facing a weird condition with no explanation, his brain unconsciously resorted to the primitive solution: this was supernatural.

If he thought that would be the end of his supernatural experience, well, he was wrong. It was only the beginning.

When Hope got home the following day, this time a little after dusk and way more exhausted than yesterday, he was greeted by the same white envelope sitting conspicuously on his shoe rack. He immediately tore it open and pulled out another gradient pink paper with a short sentence written on it.

She is almost here.

Yeah right. Hope decided not to give too much thought into the message (mainly because he needed a hot shower and dinner and sleep very soon) and threw the letter onto the living room's table where yesterday's letter was still on. As he sank his head on the pillow later that night and drifted slowly into slumber, somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered what tomorrow's message would be.

Sure enough, an envelope sat waiting for him on the shoe rack again (perhaps the sender finally understood that the chances he found the letter would be higher if placed on that particular spot). Today he's not so tired and there was no homework, so he picked up the envelope and read it on the couch, mimicking his posture at the first day.


It was almost like a promise. Hope felt his heart beating a little faster at that. What is going to happen tomorrow? Is it about that 'she'? He should have been a little concerned—he didn't know whether this letter spoke of good things or bad things, after all—yet he felt strangely happy with the prospect of something happening tomorrow.

That night Hope fell asleep with pleasant expectations. That night he dreamed of a promise, made in the far away past and possibly different universe.

The following day was Sunday. Hope spent a good part of the morning for sleeping in and a lazy breakfast. He had no plans for today except doing some reports, maybe making some progress at that journal he started a month ago, and waiting for this 'tomorrow' the letter spoke about.

At eleven, his doorbell rang once. It was a rare sound, because as a single man with few friends he rarely had any guest. It crossed his mind for a second that this was his moment of truth, his answer for the letters. The doorbell rang once again.

Hope didn't even bother with the peephole before opening the door. There, in front of his apartment, a woman stood with a scrap of paper in her hand, the perfect figure of someone looking for an address. With a quick glance, Hope took in her appearance. Her white coat reminded him of the white envelope and her rose-colored hair was the perfect same shade of the letter.

This is the 'she'.

“Light,” he muttered, out of breath all of a sudden, as that woman smiled at him. He didn't even know where that name came from, his mouth just moved.

She shook her head, almost exasperated but still smiling widely. “What, so it's you, Hope.”

Her tone took him by surprise. She later explained, after making herself comfortable on his couch, that there had been this letter giving her an address. His address. That's why she set out to find this address, wanting answers for her own questions—about who sent it to her, and how she knew his name like they're the best of friends even though it's not even included in the letter.

Hope couldn't answer. She didn't mind.

So in the end, supernatural things had played a big role on his meeting with his future partner for life. 

A/N: I... have no answer. This was 'supernaturally' written after a session of frustration breakout this morning.
Maybe, just maybe, this is inspired by soulmate!AU prompt I saw on tumblr about a compass.

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[Fanfic] Tetesan Hujan (ch 26)

Title: Tetesan Hujan
Author: Vianna Orchidia / Annasthacy Chashyme
Fandom: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni
Character: Ushiromiya Ange, Amakusa Juuza
Rating: K+
Genre: General
Disclaimer: Umineko is property of Ryukishi07. I do not own the series and the characters, and I do not gain any profit from this fanfiction
Warning: canon? future-fic?

hilang /hi·lang/ v tidak ada lagi; lenyap; tidak kelihatan

Amakusa memandang jauh ke horizon, di mana air laut tampak hampir menyatu dengan langit di mana hanya satu garis khayalan tipis untuk membedakannya.

Apa ini pemandangan yang dilihat oleh gadis bersurai merah itu, tiga tahun yang lalu tepat di titik ini? Apakah saat itu ia pun berusaha mengiris langit dari laut, membuka portal menuju dimensi yang berbeda? Ataukah saat itu ia benar-benar telah melewati batas ruang dan waktu dan akal sehat—menemukan sihir serta Dataran Emas di mana sosok anggota keluarganya telah menunggu selama tiga belas tahun?

Entahlah. Amakusa tidak akan pernah tahu. Hanya Ange yang tahu jawabannya. Dan Ange sudah tidak ada di sini. Kalaupun ia masih hidup, masih asyik berpesta minum teh di balik pintu yang memisahkan dunia manusia dengan dunia para penyihir, Amakusa tidak bisa menemuinya. Tidak bisa melihatnya. Dia bukan penyihir. Dia tidak punya sihir. Dia adalah lelaki penuh logika, lelaki yang beraksi atas dasar untung-rugi, bukan ilusi anak kecil bernama sihir.

Atas dasar itulah, tiga tahun yang lalu dia menarik pelatuk itu. Melepaskan sebutir peluru yang menembus kening Ange yang meneteskan air mata dalam diam setelah ia sendiri menembak mati Kasumi Sumadera. Serbuan emosi yang sesaat kemudian menerpa Amakusa tidak ada artinya. Darah yang mengalir dari bibir yang digigit terlalu keras saat melempar jenazah gadis itu ke dasar jurang juga tidak ada artinya. Uang dalam jumlah besar yang menunggu di rekeningnya dan kebebasan untuk bertualang ke mana pun adalah yang penting.

Meskipun demikian, Amakusa sama sekali tidak mengerti kenapa dia berdiri di titik ini, di bibir jurang ini, jika semua itu tidak penting? Ah, barangkali sihir yang diberikan gadis itu padanya masih belum hilang.